Roy Chiu with his racing buddies at Taroko Karting Land.

The opening theme for Roy Chiu's upcoming drama SUPER CINDERELLA, which has officially been renamed YOUNG LADY DU QIHUA (杜齊花姑娘‬). No airing date yet, unfortunately. Looks like pretty standard idol drama fare, but there’s no such thing as too much Roy!

Today I refitted the canteen by myself. It has the feel of MotoGP.

Amid the vicissitudes of life, one must have a mediator of temperament.

Finished exercising. Eating an ice cream.

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New photos of Roy Chiu in SUPER CINDERELLA (超級灰姑娘).

Roy Chiu going kart racing. No idea who the other guy is, but we’re not here for him anyway.

Roy looks so darned happy here that I had to upload this one separately. See more pictures here.

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