Roy Chiu supporting Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation’s child development screenings.

Roy Chiu looking around in awe in GOOD LUCK! BOY (加油!男孩).

Tbh, the movie was a little boring, and I’m pretty sure the child actor who played the kid version of Roy’s character got more screentime than Roy did. But isn’t Ah Ze so cute in this clip? :3

Anonymous asked: Does anyone know if the film Good Luck Boy released?

Yes, it was released last year, and the DVD came out earlier this year. It is available for purchase at YesAsia and (though the DVDs are likely Region-3).

How did Roy Chiu hide in China's crowds for 70 days? ›

Not sure how this is considered news, since y’all already heard about this four months ago, but it’s always nice to see Roy mentioned on Dramafever.

Roy Chiu inviting you to attend COUPLE RUN on April 26th, which is being hosted by C.H WEDDING. Seems like if you and your significant other get engaged at the run, you have the chance of winning a 1-carat diamond ring.

Seems like an unromantic way to propose (won’t everyone be all sweaty?), but I guess if you’re looking for a free ring…? lulz. More information about the run at its official website.

Roy Chiu with his five-year-old “other half.” From Sun Jiaqi's Weibo.

Roy Chiu with C.H WEDDING owner Jia Yongjie.

Roy Chiu at a promotional event for Jia Yongjie's wedding dress company C.H WEDDING.

After participating in a triathlon, Jia Yongjie seems to have caught the running bug, so she is planning a “Couples Run” on April 26th that will encourage couples to exercise together.

As an avid athlete, Roy was picked to promote the event, but Yongjie had to come up with a date for him. Roy said he wished that his other half would exercise, race cars, have long legs, tie her hair in a ponytail, be gentle and considerate, and know how to cook. As a result, Yongjie introduced him to a 5-year-old girl, joking that Roy should raise her for the next 15 years so she could gain all of those qualities.

More photos here (these are more high-quality ones uploaded later) and here, and more information about Couple Run here.

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