Roy Chiu Does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Video from Roy’s management company 海納百川娛樂.
(My first time embedding a Facebook video on Tumblr. If nothing shows up, please go to the source.)

Roy Chiu chatting with American go-kart racer Joe Criscione, whom we previously posted about here.

Today I am the little brother doing odd jobs

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Know yourself, know your enemy.

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Roy Chiu with Guan Xiaotong, his costar in the upcoming movie LANG MAN CONG TIAN JIANG (浪漫從天降).

The ending theme for Roy Chiu's upcoming drama YOUNG LADY DU QIHUA (杜齊花姑娘), previously known as SUPER CINDERELLA (超級灰姑娘). The drama also stars Hai Lu and Ren Donglin.

Roy Chiu with his racing buddies at Taroko Karting Land.

The opening theme for Roy Chiu's upcoming drama SUPER CINDERELLA, which has officially been renamed YOUNG LADY DU QIHUA (杜齊花姑娘‬). No airing date yet, unfortunately. Looks like pretty standard idol drama fare, but there’s no such thing as too much Roy!

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